While cleaning a chicken house may not exactly be your idea of a good time, you cannot deny the fact that this is an important thing to do when taking care of your chickens. This prevents the build-up of toxic substances, like ammonia, which can cause health problems to your chickens. Don’t worry because a complete chicken house cleaning is only done twice a year. However, changing the beddings should be done on a monthly basis.
For your protection, make use of clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the job. It would not hurt to use waterproof gloves and a mask as well. Be careful with regard to electricity in the coop, since you will be using water to clean the coop.
To start off, you will need to remove all the bedding materials and poultry feeders in your chicken house. Sweep out the debris, and collect the chicken manure to be used as fertilizers if you need any. You can make use of a commercial citrus-based cleaner in cleaning your chicken coop, or you can make your own solution by mixing one part antibacterial dishwashing soap, one part bleach, and 10 parts water. Use a scrubbing brush to clean all areas of your chicken house. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly and let it dry first before putting new beddings. You can then let your poultry come in to roost.
As for the poultry feeder, you need to scrub it with the same cleaning solution that you used for your coop. Rinse it and let it dry before you refill it.
The whole process usually takes a few hours, depending on the size of the chicken house.

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