If you want to build a chicken house that can be moved around different places in your yard, then you need to create a portable chicken house. This will provide protection to your flock against predators that may be lurking around.
In order to build a portable chicken coop that accommodate around 3 to 4 hens, you will need a large doghouse measuring less than 36 inches in height, 64 feet of mesh-welded wire fencing, wire cutters, plywood, hog ring fasteners, and two wooden boards measuring 1x2 inches.
The first thing that you need to do is to cut the wire fencing into two. Each portion should measure 3x10 feet. You need to further cut one portion into a 10-foot fencing, which will be placed on top of the portable chicken house. You can secure this wire fencing using hog ring fasteners. The same thing should be done for the bottom of the chicken house.
Of course, you also need to create doors on both ends of the chicken house by using 4 pieces of wire fencing measuring 36x18 inches. Again, make use of hog rings to fasten the doors to the portable chicken house.
As for the doghouse, you need to file off the tabs and secure a 1x2 inch wooden board horizontally on the front base portion of the dog house. Attach a plywood sheet to the wooden board to create a back room in your doghouse.
It is also advisable to flip the top of the doghouse, making it face backwards. This allows for a larger opening for your chickens and higher, narrower opening for you to reach in for the eggs.
Make plywood doors for each doghouse opening, and affix these doors using locks and hinges.

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